FAQ | Accidents Happen


  • What if the accident was my fault?

    Unfortunately we deal only with non-fault claims. You should contact your own insurance company.

  • Do passengers in my vehicle count as witnesses?

    Unfortunately, the answer is 'no'. A witness must be independent and not known to you.

  • Why should I not simply rely on my own insurers to handle the claim?

    You will probably have to pay your excess amount before repairs are carried out and could wait months before you can reclaim it. Both insurance companies must accept you are completely blameless for you to receive the whole amount back. What’s more, your premium could be affected or you might lose your no-claims bonus.

  • Why should I not go direct to the insurance company of the driver who hit my vehicle?

    They will try to reduce their loss, so may provide you with a vehicle which is inferior to your own.

  • Where will the hire vehicle be delivered to?

    We can arrange delivery to any location in the UK, for example your home, workplace or an approved repairer's site.

  • What if I have been injured in the accident?

    If required we can refer you to our associated solicitors, WNS Legal Assistance LLP, who are also part of the WNS Global Services (UK) Limited group of companies.

  • What if I have an accident in the replacement vehicle?

    All vehicles are fully insured, although you will have to pay a £500 excess if you have an accident in the hire car.

  • What if the driver who hit my vehicle is uninsured?

    If the driver who hit your vehicle does not have a valid insurance policy, we regret we will be unable to help with your claim.

  • Will I always receive a 'like-for-like' replacement vehicle?

    Yes, as long as your own damaged vehicle is less than 6 years old. If it is more than 6 years old, we must mitigate losses to the other driver’s insurance company. Therefore, the replacement vehicle will be one category down from the equivalent of your own vehicle, as per the guidelines laid out by the Association of British Insurers’ General Terms of Agreement.

  • What if my vehicle is a 'total loss' (otherwise known as a 'write off')?

    If you have chosen our credit repair solution, an engineer will assess your vehicle to work out the cost of repairs required. If the cost of the repair exceeds the market value of the vehicle then the engineer will advise us that the vehicle is a 'total loss' or 'write off'. This may also happen if the vehicle is considered too badly damaged to repair safely.

    If your vehicle is assessed as a 'write off' the engineer will provide a settlement figure based on the market value of your car prior to the accident. We will then notify you of this settlement figure and send you a cheque for that amount.

    If you have a hire vehicle as part of your claim you can use it up to 6 days after you have received the settlement cheque. We will help you arrange salvage of your vehicle and make sure all the relevant parties are notified of the outcome of your claim.

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